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Accommodation in Cavtat is the ideal choice for a quiet and relaxing holiday by the sea. If you are looking for hotel accommodation, we recommend the Hotel Albatros for a family holiday or the Hotel Epidaurus for a holiday close to the attractions of the town. In Cavtat you can find accommodation in one of the Remisens Hotels & Villas accommodation units that will meet all your requirements.

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NEW 2018 Remisens Hotel Albatros

Dubrovnik Riviera - Cavtat

The Remisens Hotel Albatros offers comfortable rooms with stunning sea views. Clubs for children, different sport activities, and a variety of wellness services provide the perfect setting for a family holiday.

NEW 2017 Remisens Hotel Epidaurus

Dubrovnik Riviera - Cavtat

The Remisens Hotel Epidaurus offers different room types depending on the needs of each guest. This hotel is ideal for a relaxing family holiday.