Direct booking

Best price guarantee

Book with confidence knowing we guarantee the lowest online price for accommodation in all our properties.

Exclusive offers

Browse our special offers with numerous additional extras for your perfect holiday. When booking accommodation in our properties, you'll discover that you've booked an experience, not just a room. Add something special to your stay – a chocolate surprise upon arrival, a wellness treatment, a romantic à la carte dinner… Make your stay a truly special, unique and elegant experience.

Additional extras included in the price of accommodation

For complete enjoyment, choose our 4 or 5 star properties - upon arrival in your selected room or Suite, you will be welcomed by a bottle of natural water and kettle with tea and coffee.

All room types available

Discover a wealth of choices when booking directly. Choose your perfect holiday oasis from a full range of accommodation units that you won't find anywhere else.

Free Wi-Fi

To stay connected during your stay, you'll have free Wi-Fi internet at your disposal that you can use on an unlimited number of devices.

Secure booking

Enjoy a carefree holiday knowing that your data and booking are secure. We'll confirm your reservation directly as soon as possible and send you your unique reservation number. Your room will be waiting for you just the way you want it.

Remisens reservation centre

Do you have a question about our properties and your upcoming stay? Would you like a specific room or service? Our Reservation Centre is at your disposal daily and we'll answer all your questions first hand.


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