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General Info

Following a long tradition of tourism, Portorož is today a modern summer resort with numerous hotels, a marina and the casino with the longest tradition in Slovenia, located in the Remisens Premium Hotel Metropol. There are also modern conference and wellness facilities, excellent cuisine and a wide range of leisure activities on offer. The Auditorium is the venue for many international events.
Hotels in Portorož  


In the immediate vicinity of Portorož lies Piran, a town of culture, music, museums and galleries, the birthplace of the famous violinist and composer Giuseppe Tartini. The picturesque medieval old town of Piran today provides a perfect setting for various cultural events.

Another interesting site is Sečovlje with its salt pans whose long history is presented to visitors in the local Museum of Salt Making. Salt means much more than just a seasoning in the Portorož area as it played an important part in the development of the area as a health resort. In the picturesque hinterland of Portorož guests can still today feel the traditional way of life and visit events dedicated to local customs and traditional produce.

Portorož can be easily reached by car from the direction of Ljubljana or Trieste. Boat owners have at their disposal a modern marina. Portorož also has an airport in Sečovlje.

History of Portorož

Portorož, a famous tourist destination on the Slovenian coast, was known for the beneficial effects of sea water and salt that the monks from the monastery of St. Lawrence (Sveti Lovrenac) used for health purposes as early as the 13th century. The rapid development of Portorož as a tourist resort began at the end of the 19th century, simultaneously with the emergence of Opatija and other historic spas of the former Austrian Riviera. The first hotel in Portorož was built in 1891, and the town was officially proclaimed a health resort in 1897.