Wellness in Portorož

Portorož is known for a wide range of wellness and sports facilities. Due to its ideal and easily accessible position and a variety of wellness services of offer, the Remisens Hotels in Portorož are an excellent choice for guests who appreciate high-quality wellness & spa amenities.

The destination of Portorož, which stretches from Sečovlje via Portorož to Strunjan, enjoys the beneficial effects of a Mediterranean climate, salt pans and medicinal mud. There is also a thermal spring located right in the centre of Portorož, which makes this health resort a top European wellness destination.

Salt pools and ‘Aqua Madre’

Portorož is known as a health resort. From the 13th century onwards, the salt pans in Sečovlje were used by the Benedictines of St. Lawrence Monastery to treat different chronic and acute conditions. The beneficial effects of so-called ‘Aqua Madre’ come from the salt emulsion that remains after the salt has been harvested from the salt pan. This releases numerous active substances and healthy ingredients such as bromine, iodine, magnesium and other minerals that nourish and detox the skin, while increasing its elasticity. A bath in such an emulsion actively boosts circulation, and improves skin complexion and the natural resistance of the skin and the entire organism. After such a bath, you’ll feel renewed and beautiful.

Medicinal mud

Apart from its salt pans, the destination of Portorož is known for its medicinal mud baths. Medicinal mud has been used since the 16th century in the treatment of rheumatic conditions and various muscle and joint diseases. In wellness treatments, medicinal mud is used to reduce cellulite. It has beneficial antioxidant properties, which is why it is often used for facial treatments. After the medicinal mud dries on the body, it is washed off with salty water, which makes the skin soft and supple.

Wellness in Remisens and Remisens Premium Hotels

Bring your body and spirit into balance, relieve yourself of stress, and improve your general health. In order to satisfy your individual needs and wishes, we offer additional benefits when you use the wellness facilities in our Remisens and Remisens Premium hotels, such as a refreshing drink or a piece of fruit, to improve your well-being and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

In our Remisens and Remisens Premium Hotels, we promote a healthy lifestyle. For this reason, our professional entertainment team has prepared daily entertainment fitness and sports programmes during the summer (except on Sundays). In other periods, you can join in group exercise sessions every day except Mondays and Sundays, and choose from the following sports activities: Aqua Aerobics, Aqua Gym, Nordic Walking, Smovey Walking, Pilates, yoga, and table tennis.

Remisens Premium Hotel Metropol

The Remisens Premium Hotel Metropol offers a pleasant wellness interior. Start your day swimming in the indoor pool with heated seawater or relaxing in the whirlpool. Take this opportunity and choose from a wide range of relaxing massage.


  • indoor seawater pool (25 x 12,5 m)
  • 3 x indoor whirlpool (by the pool)
  • two smaller outdoor pools (on the summer terrace)
  • deckchairs/beach umbrellas at the outdoor pool (depending on availability)


  • Aqua Relax Centre / Wellness & Spa:
    fitness, spa relax zone, solarium, saunas (Finnish, Turkish, infrared)
  • massages (Aquarelax, Ayurveda, hot stone)
  • beauty salon

In the Wellness & Spa Centre of the Remisens Premium Hotel Metropol, you can choose a Spa experience to meet your personal needs and wishes. Before each treatment, we recommend you consult our team of experts, who can suggest the treatment that suits you best. Our fantastic Spa experiences include use of the sauna, body exfoliation, and a one-hour massage.

If you’re looking for complete relaxation, we recommend our Spa Relax, which ends with a relaxing body massage. If you want to awaken your body and improve your metabolism, your choice should be a Spa Energy treatment. And finally, for improved blood and lymph circulation, we offer Spa Beauty, which includes a Swedish full body massage.

Choose the treatment that suits your needs and browse our wellness services and treatments price list.

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Remisens Hotel Lucija

The wellness centre of the Remisens Hotel Lucija consists of an indoor pool with heated seawater, whirlpool and various saunas. In its own premises the Hotel Lucija offers carefully selected massages and treatments.


  • indoor seawater pool (23 x 16 m)
  • children's seawater pool (5,9 x 5,2 m)
  • seawater whirlpool


  • Wellness & Spa Lucija: saunas (Finnish, steam, infrared)
  • massages (Swedish, hot stone, Thai)

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Tel: +386 5 690 1080