Basic information about the company - Hoteli Cavtat d.d.

Company: HOTELI CAVTAT, hotelijersko-turističko-agencijsko dioničko društvo
Short name: HOTELI CAVTAT d.d.
Headquarters: Cavtat, Šetalište Žal 4a
Legal form: Joint stock company
Foundation date: 19th January 1959
Establishment date: 27th September 1993.
Registration Court: Commercial Court in Split
Registration number: 060065907
Tax number: 91951159924
Auditor: KPMG Croatia d.o.o. Zagreb

Board of Directors:
Sunčica Sakoman, Member of the Board

President of the Supervisory Board:
Tin Dolički

Nominal share capital:
147.403.200,00 HRK, shares each of nominal value of 240,00 kunas

Ownership structure:
FTB TURIZAM D.D.: 100,00%

Our aim is to make sure that guests of accommodation facilities that proudly carry the name of our brands receive the attention and status they deserve. We always strive for satisfaction with the service we provide. This is based not only on the accommodation but also on the overall holiday experience in our properties. We enjoy interacting with our guests at every moment and in this way we achieve recognition for the uncompromising quality and firm principles that characterise our brands.

Remisens Premium

Remisens Premium hotels are the flagships of the Remisens Hotel Group. They stand out due to their high category and quality, and are characterised by the superb service they offer in all aspects of your stay. The Remisens Premium concept has been designed for those who expect the most from a hotel, who want an elegant and revitalising experience to remember, and who appreciate a warm smile from their hosts.

Remisens Hotels

A stay in Remisens hotels has a distinct aesthetic dimension, characterised by their unique appearance and superb quality of service. Listening to and observing our guests, it becomes clear that our business is not about our rooms and apartments but about good relationships; it's not about concrete and glass but about an atmosphere that inspires both intellectually and emotionally; it's not the walls and doors that matter but an experience that they will want to repeat and share with their friends. Remisens is confirmation of a lifestyle, elegance and aesthetic. It stands for an inspiring and memorable stay.

Smart Selection Hotels

Smart Selection hotels offer the best value for money with an emphasis on the attractiveness of the destinations in which they are located and their amenities. Smart Selection is synonymous with an optimal accommodation choice, relaxation, curiosity and carefreeness.

Property Management - Hoteli Cavtat d.d.:

Remisens Hotel Albatros

 Destination Dubrovnik - Cavtat

Address: Od Žala 1, 20210 Cavtat
Director: Irena Šimunić
Company: Hoteli Cavtat d.d.

Remisens Hotel Epidaurus

 Destination Dubrovnik - Cavtat

Address: Od Žala 1, 20210 Cavtat
Director: Irena Šimunić
Company: Hoteli Cavtat d.d.

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Destination Dubrovnik - Cavtat