About Remisens Hotels Brand

Guests of Remisens accommodation facilities are people who live life to the full. Understanding their attitude towards life, challenges, wishes and memories, we create an experience that will be inspiring, revitalising and give them new energy.

Remisens Hotel Albatros (Cavtat)

The Remisens Hotel Albatros offers comfortable rooms with stunning sea views.

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Remisens Hotel Epidaurus (Cavtat)

The Remisens Hotel Epidaurus offers different room types depending on the needs of each guest.

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Remisens Hotel Lucija (Portorož)

Hotel Lucija offers spacious, comfortable rooms, an indoor pool with heated seawater and a sauna centre.

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Listening to and observing the guests, it becomes clear that our business is not about the rooms and apartments but about good relationships; it's not about concrete and glass but about an atmosphere that inspires both intellectually and emotionally; it's not the walls and doors that matter but an experience that they will want to repeat and share with their friends.

Inspiration of the brand

We find inspiration in the lives of the people that come to Remisens, in what they dream about and in what they find their self-actualisation. Remisens is confirmation of a lifestyle, elegance and aesthetic. It stands for an inspiring and memorable stay.

In order to be able to achieve our goal, we must be closer to the guests and listen to their needs and wishes. Through everything we do, we must show them that we not only hear but also understand them.