About our Remisens Premium Brand

Remisens Premium hotels are the flagships of the Remisens Hotel Group. They stand out due to their high category and quality, and are characterised by the superb service they offer in all aspects of your stay. The Remisens Premium concept has been designed for those who expect the most from a hotel, who want an elegant and revitalising experience to remember, and who appreciate a warm smile from their hosts.

Remisens Premium Hotel Metropol (Portorož)

The Remisens Premium Hotel Metropol offers a variety of facilities of the highest quality for all those who expect the most from a holiday. The hotel is located just a few steps from the beach.

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Remisens Premium Casa Rosa, Annexe (Portorož)

The Remisens Premium Casa Rosa (ex. Roža) is the annexe to the Remisens Premium Hotel Metropol. It is located in an attractive position in the immediate vicinity of the sea.

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Remisens Premium Casa Bel Moretto, Annexe (Portorož)

The Remisens Premium Casa Bel Moretto, an annexe of the Remisens Premium Hotel Metropol, offers a variety of services and facilities.

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Remisens Premium guests

Guests of Remisens Premium accommodation facilities are people who do not accept compromise. Only the best service and highest quality accommodation are good enough for them.

Our aim is to provide visitors with a feeling of elegance and sophistication and to make sure they receive the attention and status they deserve in every interaction. The Premium attribute stands for a perfect synergy between a modern approach, interior and exterior design, an extensive and carefully selected choice of food and beverages, and additional services and facilities with an emphasis on aesthetics and elegance.

Inspiration of the brand

We find inspiration in the lives of the people that come to Remisens Premium properties. Remisens Premium is a confirmation of lifestyle, elegance and aesthetics. It stands for an inspiring and memorable stay.

Remisens Premium properties operate in line with the highest standards. Additional investments and the commitment of staff are always aimed at achieving excellence in every aspect, with special attention being given to care for the guest and a personalised service.