Our Smart Selection Hotels Brand

Smart Selection hotels offer the best value for money with an emphasis on the attractiveness of the destinations in which they are located and their amenities. Smart Selection is synonymous with an optimal accommodation choice, relaxation, curiosity and carefreeness.

Smart Selection hotels are rated with 2 or 3 stars and are committed to price flexibility and affordability in order to provide their guests with quality accommodation in attractive destinations with favourable conditions and quality amenities.

Our guests

Simplicity and affordability are the key elements of the Smart Selection Hotels brand, which creates a lasting relationship with guests aimed at achieving mutual satisfaction with value for money. These factors are values for which our guests will gladly return.

Our inspiration

Our objective is to give all our guests the possibility of accommodation with affordable conditions.

The added value of most Smart Selection properties includes indoor and outdoor pools, saunas, relax oases and other attractive hotel amenities. Guests can enjoy delicious meals prepared by our skilled chefs. As an additional bonus, in most Smart Selection hotels drinks during dinner are included in the price.